Be Your Child’s Pediatrician


Valuable practical advice and personal stories, all spiced with the humor of daily life, Be Your Child’s Pediatrician brings home health care to an attainable level in helping your children stay in health.



As the phone calls and emails continued to multiply, I realized how many things I did not cover in my first book entitled, Be Your Own Doctor, that you really need to know. I know that this book will not cover everything, either, but it should help. There will always be something else that you need to know, but this manuscript is an attempt to better answer the questions that you have on problems from birth through childhood. This book is really a companion to Be Your Own Doctor. Be Your Own Doctor, explains some things in depth that I decided not to repeat. Use them together. Read both for help in these areas. If you don’t already have Be Your Own Doctor, it’s a “must have.” The information there is so basic and helpful. Then there is Backyard Pharmacy, a guide for you to get medicine, for free, in your backyard, from common weeds.


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