Back Yard Pharmacy – Weeds That Heal


The purpose of the first part of this book is to make you familiar with the plants around you that can be used in place of doctor visits, emergency room trips, visits to your dentist, and even for food if you need it.




Did you ever wonder how great-great grandma and her family survived, living way out in the country where there were no hospitals or doctors and the dentist was the circuit riding preacher or peddler? These people had a working knowledge of the land and the plants that God gave us. Some of it they learned from their parents and some of it they acquired from the native peoples, like the Indians, where they lived. This knowledge saved many lives and made their aches and pains much easier.

Backyard Pharmacy is intended to make you comfortably familiar with simple herbs that grow in the countryside around you. If you do not live where they are, learn anyway. Maybe your friends will have them in their backyards or woods. At the present we can all order the dried forms of these from herb companies like the ones listed in the supplies area of the book. But fresh ones work best and someday other sources may not be available for us. I, for one, want to know where to find the things I need and be knowledgeable in how to use them. Learn along with me and be pleasantly surprised at how much “weeds” can do. As you try new remedies, know that no one remedy works for every person. If one herb does not work for you, try a different one. You will likely find another herb that works better for you. Know that if you do go to the doctor and tell him the remedy that you were using, he will likely scoff openly. He does not usually know anything about herbs, especially the ones that have never been covered in the medical journals. So do not despair, thinking that you are making a huge mistake since your doctor does not know what burdock or dandelion can do for the body.


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