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I have been hinting on sharing some big news for the last few weeks. I am so excited to be finally sharing the news with you guys!

Wow, I never thought I’d be writing this post one day.

I am writing a cookbook!

Writing a cookbook has always been a dream of mine, creating beauty in the kitchen is what makes my soul happy. So I can’t wait to share the tips and tricks that have been passed on from my mom and grandmother.

It’s been crazy amount of work and innumerable grocery trips! Every weekend I would prepare the timetable, grocery list so that I could work on the recipes throughout the week.

This is the reason that I haven’t been that regular on the blog or on the social media. I thought I could manage both but towards the end, it got really crazy with all the recipe testing and photography and so I had to give my blog a little break. Let’s talk a bit about the book.

What is Flour and Grace about?
Its about wholesome, awesome food that is made to gather or share with grace. With photos with most recipes and all my tips and tricks on how to bake with love and ingredients.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to feed the people in our lives, and to gather around a table where there is always, always home to be found.”

Here are some of the chapters in the book-
Appetizers for all your holiday meals
Desserts that will make you want to wear stretchy pants
Entertaining/Menu section to make your next party a walk in the park.

How many recipes are there in the book?
There are over 175 recipes in the book, recipes ranging from childhood favorites to gluten free goodness.

All recipes have measurements in cups, tablespoons and teaspoons. Each recipe is accompanied with a picture. So yeah, there are more than 150 pictures in the book!

When will the book get released?
The book will release in summer of 2020. I can’t wait for you guys to see it!
We are praying to have it wrapped up by August 1, 2020.

Where will you be able to buy the book?
Anywhere where books are sold – All your local stores and directly from my website, where all the copies will include a special gift!

I want to thank all of you for the constant support and encouragement!

This book exists because of you guys. Without you, my readers this would have never been possible. It still feels like a dream! Thank you all so much! I hope the books lives up to your expectations and helps you in making delicious wholesome food from my Amish heritage.

My hope is to inspire a love for amazing food, as well as the courage to try something new!

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