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December has arrived! And we are rapidly approaching the time to prepare for Christmas. What better way to prepare for Christmas than with this DIY Advent Calendar?

The set is in black and white, so you can dress it up with color to match your holiday decor theme, or print on colored paper.

But what is Advent? Is it in the Bible? Do all believers have to observe it?  
Advent simply means “coming” or arrival”. It is a season marked on the church calendar – four Sundays before Christmas – and it has been celebrated by the church for centuries. Advent is an opportunity to experience the longing that God’s people felt awaiting the Messiah (the first Advent). It also recognizes the current season of waiting that God’s people are in as we await Christ’s return (the second Advent). This tradition simply recognizes the truth that God’s people are continually in a season of waiting because this is not our home. Though Advent is not explicitly commanded in Scripture for believers to observe, the practice of remembrance is something that God’s people are all called to do. Observing Advent is a tangible way of remembering the truth that the hope and joy and peace of Christmas is truly because of Christ alone. 

Waiting is hard. Waiting with great anticipation is even harder. However, as we intentionally lean into the anticipation of Christ’s first arrival symbolized by Christmas, we are able to more fully experience the beauty of Christmas morning. Instead of declaring “Jesus is the reason for the season” on Christmas day, we rehearse that truth for weeks leading up to the celebration, kindling the anticipation! 

Though the approach varies, the heart of Advent is calling to mind the Truth that can so easily be forgotten in the busyness of the holiday season. As we enjoy the excitement of Christmas twinkle lights, extra time with family and friends, and even gifts and food, may we intentionally remember that Jesus is the reason for the season, the Light of the world, and the One we eagerly await to return. May we be people who remember – Jesus is who He says, and He will do what He says. He will return again, not as a baby, but as the victorious King. Although Advent is not a mandatory observation for believers, the question remains: how will you and your family prepare your hearts for the truth meaning of Christmas this year?

You may need one or more of these tools to help in printing and creating the projects described above:

Printer – This device offers beautiful color printer on a variety of paper sizes, mobile printing (from your mobile device), scanning and copying and much more!

Printer Paper – A basic copy paper that you probably already have in your printer is all you need for this project.

Sharp scissors – needed for cutting cardstock

String + Mini Cloth Pins

2019 Advent Calendar Download

I can’t wait to start using this set, and I know children would be really excited about it!

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