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What is design to you??

I’ve been in graphic design for quite a few years, but design is so much more to me then something on a piece of paper? It’s the way it’s arranged, the way the colors go together and the style of the person.

Home design, paper design and food design are three of my favorites. As I sit on the back porch listening to the breeze blow thru the trees, admiring the fresh sunflowers from this mornings road side stand visit and an iced coffee chilling by my computer on this perfect July day. I’m reminded of God’s beauty all around us. God is the king of all design. Look around he designed pure perfection.

Don’t let design scare you off. Everyone had design in their bloodline, our creator gifted all of us with the passion for some design. Go for it. If you enjoy it. Do it.

Anyhow, this page will mostly have items that I have designed for clients in the past or things that I am currently working on.

Go for it. God created you to design. Paint that wall. Plant those flowers. Arrange that tray. Hang that verse.

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