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Immune Health

Although diet, sleep and lifestyle make a big difference when it comes to keeping your immune system healthy, essential oils can be a huge support! Find out here which essential oils are the best for keeping your immune system strong.

I often use essential oils for diy cleaning and beauty, hormonal support, detoxing, skin care, overall health and of course to support the immune system. Below I’ve listed a few of my favorite essential oils to use to support a healthy immune system.

How Essential Oils Have Helped Me

Essential oils have completely changed my life – and trust me, I was a skeptic when I was first introduced to them. How could sniffing a scent or rubbing an oil on my skin help to improve my health or wellbeing? There is scientific research to support the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, but you’re probably more interested to know how essential oils have helped me…

Essential oils have replaced many everyday products that I used to spend a fortune on. I now clean my home with oil-infused natural cleaners rather than toxic chemicals from the supermarket, for example. Removing all those toxic chemicals from my home has made a big difference in my hormonal and thyroid health.

Since I’ve cleared my home of synthetic chemicals and started using essential oils my health has been so much better. I now use essential oils every day to support a healthy immune system, endocrine system, respiratory system and my overall wellness. And everyone in the family benefits from using calming essential oils in the diffuser before bedtime!

Why I Use Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils
Yes, you can buy essential oils anywhere, but they are not always going to be pure and 100% therapeutic grade!

I’ve done a lot of research into this and found that many of the essentials oils found in health food stores, specialty stores, boutiques and even online stores are NOT 100% essential oils. The plants used to make them may be exposed to pesticides and other toxins, even if they’re organic they may be processed with chemical solvents or even combined with synthetic fragrances thereby degrading their therapeutic quality. You never really know what you’re going to get.

Store-bought essential oils are not required to include the ingredients on their labels and the term “natural” or “pure” is not regulated by any governing body. So store-bought oils may say “pure” and “natural” but they may still have synthetic additives. Almost all store-bought essential oils contain a warning “do not ingest”…this is usually an indication that they are not pure. Young Living vitality essential oils are one of the few Essential Oils that are cleared as dietary supplements…this also means that they are regulated and required to disclose all ingredients on the label, which is always unadulterated oils.

I choose Young Living Essential Oils for a few different reasons:
They also make sure the oils are pure by distilling the oils at low temperature and pressure in stainless steel chambers to maintain the delicate therapeutic compounds in the oils.
Young living also goes to great lengths to guarantee and test oil purity and strength. Their oils are of the best quality and are safe and effective.

As a Young Living member, you automatically become a member of our big community that will give you all the support and advice you need! It’s a wonderful feeling to know you have the help and reassurance of a generous and caring community of moms, experts, and lifelong users. I’ve been using my oils for a long time, but I still reach out to the our close-knit community for their advice and expertise!

They grow their own organic plants that they use for the oils, so you know there is no pesticide or chemical fertilizer residue in your oils. You can even visit their farms all over the world! They are very transparent about their farming practices—something that is virtually unheard of with any other essential oil company. I’ve even visited a Young Living farm myself. You can see photos of me at the Mona, Utah farm below!

Essential Oils You Should Have in Your Home
Some of the best and most versatile oils to use in many health and wellness applications are lavender, frankincense, peppermint, lemon and some special Young Living blends like thieves and digize.

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