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Holiday Appetizers

Appetizers are my favorite food. Is there such a thing? Mom always spoiled us on Christmas eve. We always had a ton of appetizers, played games late into the night and enjoyed warm drinks. She’s been doing that since we were little girls, know its something our husbands look forward to.

Whats your favorite holiday appetizers?

Some of our favorites are: Cheese Boards, Smoked Honey BBQ Wings, Mozzarella sticks, Egg Rolls and so so many other amazing bites. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing all of our favorites.

But first: Making the perfect Appetizer Board is an art form – and you need a few things to get started! Meats – get a few varieties, some spicy, some herby, some sliced thick, some thin. Cheese – again, get a variety! Anything you’d want to nibble on. Olives – these add endless flavor to a cheese board and who doesn’t love a briny olive! Bread sticks – because you need carbs. Obviously. Nuts and dried fruits – because as much as I’d like to only eat meats and cheese all day, we can mix it up a little bit for good measure.

But cheese boards don’t have to be filled with fancy things, they can have all of your favorites on a board filled with love. Have fun with it.


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